The Veteran Command Center

Production Guide

Here’s everything you need to complete your mini-course for Veteran Transition Mission’s “Veteran Command Center”.

Content Length Expectation

We expect these mini-courses to be robust resources for veterans with a minimum of 30 minutes of content. Your mini-course can be organized however makes sense for your content, but does need to at least meet this minimum length requirement. See below for an example mini-course.

Curriculum Outline

Start by creating an outline of the content you'd like to cover in the course. Think of this like a a sequence of bite-sized pieces of content with each video covering a singular topic. Current mini-courses are running around 5-10 videos long depending on individual video length.

Content outline must be approved before production can begin.

Content Creation

Once your outline has been approved, it's time to start creating the content for your course. Unless you have a full-time video team, we suggest creating a slide deck as a visual aide for your videos while using your webcam to record yourself presenting.

Slide Deck Creation
You can use whatever presentation software you feel most comfortable in such as Microsoft Powerpoint, Google Slides, Keynote, etc.
Video Creation
We recommend using Zoom for simultaneous webcam and screen recording. Based on your account, here’s our recommended settings:
  • If you have a Pro plan with Zoom, make sure your Cloud Recording settings match the ones in this tutorial.
  • If you don’t have a Pro plan with Zoom, make sure your recording settings match the ones in this tutorial.
Recording Best Practices
  • Make sure you’re in a quiet environment for best audio quality
  • Try to have a plain background behind you when recording unless there’s intentional branding placed in the frame
  • If your background is distracting and you can’t move locations, use a virtual background in Zoom to either replace your background with an appropriate image or blur the background. Learn to how to do that here.

Test Flight

Before you're clear for takeoff, you're going to record your first video at send it to Brad for him to review and give you the green light to keep going.

Content Review

The hard work is done! After all videos have been created, send them to along with any other accessory content you'd like to accompany the videos via Google Drive or Dropbox for final review and upload into the LMS.