COVID-19: Skills for the New Normal

The world’s attention is locked on a virus most people hadn’t heard of a month ago. A global pandemic has borders closed, streets empty, entire countries on lock down. Citizens everywhere are forced to stay indoors, and to self-quarantine indefinitely to avoid contamination. And that’s exactly why it’s time to train for the new normal. The […]

3 Simple Tips to Help Veterans in Their Job Search

Searching for jobs is a slow process, especially when you want the exact right position. Instead of endlessly scrolling Indeed, hoping to find a unicorn, we’ve got 3 tips to help Veterans like you in their job search. If that’s what you need, keep reading. Tip 1 – Build your resume and cover letter for […]

How Veterans Can Leverage Their Experience to Secure Interviews and Win Jobs

It’s strange to think that finding a job could be the hardest challenge you face. But the work you did in the military is foreign to civilian employers. So let’s go undercover. I’ll show you how Veterans can leverage your experience to secure interviews and win the job. Understand the company’s problems Before you get […]

Great Career Opportunities For Veterans

What is a good career opportunity for veterans? A well-chosen career path for veterans can be difficult to find. After leaving the armed forces, many soldiers realize that they often can’t perform the same jobs they had in the military due to various regulations or roadblocks. In fact, this is one of the biggest challenges […]